Ensign Articles
  • December - "Elder Oaks visits Chiang Mai" - Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles visited Chiang Mai Thailand for District Conference in August 2007. He also visited members in India and Pakistan. See also a similar article in the "Church News".
  • June - "Dedication of Laos"  - Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles dedicated Laos for the preaching of the restored gospel in February 2006. See a similar story in the "Church News".
  • July - "Underneath the Bookshelf" - Suchat Chaichana describes how he found the gospel of Jesus Christ and developed a personal testimony.

  • December - "The Power of Compassion" - Joel and Kathryn Sperry were called as Missionaries to Surin in eastern Thailand. While helping schools with their English programs they also started to teach the schools how to raise new crops so that the children could also improve their diet.
  • September - "Out Among the People" - The visit of President Gordon B. Hinckley to Thailand in June 2000.
  • January - "Gospel Gains Foothold in Cambodia" - President Leland White the first president of the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission and his wife Joyce describe the early growth of the church in Cambodia.

  • December - "Journey to Bethlehem" - Annually for many years in December, the Saints in Bangkok have produced "Journey to Bethlehem" - the story of Christmas.
  • April - "Gospel Globe Trotters" - Portrait of the Eldredge Family who served in many countries, but perhaps had their greatest impact on Thailand.
  • August - "Thai Officials Visit Church Leaders" - News of the Church discusses a visit by Thai Officials to the leadership of the Church in Salt Lake and to sites in Southern California and Hawaii.
  • May - "Be of Good Cheer" - A portion of the April 1986 by Elder Marvin J. Ashton. He describes the remarkable changes in a Thai family as they embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • January - "Train Wreck" - Selfless service by a sister Yupha a Latter-day Saint in Thailand made a great difference and won the admiration of many in Thailand.
  • April - "The Asian Challenge" - A discussion of the cultural challenges of gaining converts in Japan, China and Thailand.

  • June - "Taking the Gospel to Asia" - R. Lanier Britsch discusses the challenges of religion culture and language in bringing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to the peoples of Asia.

  • August - "The Church Years in Vietnam" - Missionary work in Vietnam during the war years up to the hasty exit from Saigon in April 1975.
  • January - "Thai Translation Printed" - News of the Church announces the publication of the Book of Mormon in the Thai Language in October 1976.
  • October - "Thai Youth Meet" - News of the Church highlights the first Youth Conference ever held in Thailand.
  • September - "The Saints in Southeast Asia" - G. Carlos Smith, first president of the Southeast Asia mission describes his field of labor after his return from Singapore in 1972.