Photos from the
50th Anniversary of the Dedication of Thailand
November 11-13, 2016
Bangkok, Thailand
The formal dinner on Friday evening [Photo: Larry R. White]
Members of the musical group Sitichon-Yuksud-Thai (SYS) from earlier years perform.
[Photo: Larry R. White]
Following the Sunday Testimony Meeting - Many of those who traveled to Thailand for the anniversary. [Photo: Larry R. White]
Several former mission presidents returned to Thailand,
hoping to meet with many of their former Thai Missionaries
Left to right: President and Sister Goodman (1997-2000), President and Sister Johnson (2015-2018), President and Sister Smith (2009-2012),
President and Sister Dodge (2009-2012), President White (1991-1994), President and Sister Eldredge (1988-1991).
Wisan Wisanbannawit counselor to several presidents. [Photo: Larry R. White]
President Larry White with his missionaries (Friday left), (Saturday right) [Photos: Larry R. White]
President Goodman with his missionaries (Friday) [Photo: Michael A. Goodman]
President & Sister Goodman with President & Sister Sathit Kaiwanwanthana
[Photo: Michael A. Goodman]
President and Sister Smith with missionaries from their era [Photos: Michael S. Smith]
President Smith with two former missionaries [Photo: Michael S. Smith]
President White enjoys a luncheon with missionaries from his era
[Photo: Larry R. White]
President and Sister Smith with the family of Sarawut Khanyaphan (left) and Sister Suchitra Sriluang (First Thai Sister Missionary) (left) [Photos: Michael S. Smith]